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Bica Funicular

April 21, 2019

The Bica Funicular, known as Ascensor da Bica in Portuguese, is a funicular railway line. You will encounter a melting pot of lively characters and spectacular views as you head down or up on your Lisbon visit! 

The cars of the railway line have three doors on both sides, which are bounded by two windows on either side. There are three compartments and each has wooden seats positioned diagonally so as to make travel and seating actually possible. Without this type of design passengers would very quickly be forced to either the back or driver area of the lift. I always bring my guests who visit Lisbon via this route, not necessarily to ride the funicular but because it makes for a very interesting walk down to pink street after the clubs and bars of barrio alto have been closed. Closing times are staged in Lisbon per area to cleverly usher party goers toward transport areas. The incline at the bottom is my favourite part with what must surely be the steepest incline in Lisbon. It is fun to try to traverse this part late at night with friends. 

Operating since 1892, this funicular or lift passes through Rua da Bica, Rua de São Paulo, Largo de Santo Antoninho and Travessa da Bica Grande. The lift raise along an 11.8% incline to the Rua da Bica is at a distance of 245 meters from Rua de São Paulo.The lower station of Ascensor da Bica is concealed behind a façade in Rua de São Paulo so you need to look out for an inscription of the lift outside.

Other Lisbon Funiculars:

  • Ascensor da Gloria is another railway line running in the civil parish of Santo Antonio, a district of Lisbon. This line connects the Pombaline downtown with Bairro Alto.
  • Ascensor do Lavra is a third railway line running in the civil parish of Santo Antonio and Arroios. Opened in 1884, it is considered the oldest funicular in the city and runs a distance of 188 meters. The line connects Largo da Anunciada to Rua Câmara Pestana.

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