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Mercado de Santa Clara | Flea Market Lisbon

April 21, 2019

If you looking for more attractions to visit in Lisbon after experiencing some of the delights of this charming city, you might want to pay a visit to Mercado de Santa Clara flea market, Lisbon. Surrounded by a  few churches and a park on the opposite, Santa Clara market was the first commercial building of its kind in Portugal and opened its doors in 1877. Architect Emiliano Augusto de Bettencourt is the man behind this structure, which uses iron and glass in the construction. The market building was renovated last in 2011.

Entering inside Mercado de Santa Clara you can visit stalls selling housewares, food, antiques, art and there is also a few restaurants to stop by at. The original purpose was to host good fresh products; thus, sanitation and cleanliness were significant concerns – even back then. As such, the entire market is built on a slope, making for a natural drain of water and waste. Fresh foods are still found in abundance at the centre of the marketplace.

A few other points of interest surround Mercado de Santa Clara. Opposite the market is the Botto Machado Garden and stepping from there, you will find St. Vicente de Fora Church and Santa Engracia Church more commonly known as the National Pantheon! Presently, the market serves to host events alongside the marketplace.

Next door and outside on the street is an kind of extension to the Mercado de Santa Clara, which takes place every tuesday and thursday. As far as I can make out it is a place where anyone can pitch up and sell there bric-a-brac. I may be wrong, the Portuguese marketplace lore is not my forte, you may well have the market mafia on your case. The name Ladra Fair Flea-Market means thieves market but that has nothing to do with fenced goods I am assured. It is these days a most reputable outdoor establishment with the purveyors of finest aspiring antiques!

Ladra Fair Flea Market Lisbon is a regular event, taking place on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Flea Market Lisbon

Lisbon Flea Market

More Authentic Style Lisbon Shopping

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  • Caza Das Vellas Loreto is a candle shop from the days of the French revolution. Though the interiors are modernised with time, they still standby their original model of lighting the streets of Lisbon with their quality candles.
  • Loja Das Conservas: Tinned fish sourced from all over the country.
  • Silva & Feijoo: This merchant shop opened in the early 20th century has almost every authentic food item of Portugal; from tinned sardines, olive oils, Tawny port bottles and honey jars.
  • Embaixada: An independent store on the 19th-century Arabian-styled palace is restored as a tourist site that hosts Portuguese fashion and design products.
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