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Tile Museum Lisbon | National Azulejo Museum

April 21, 2019

The historically rich heritage of Lisbon provides for a wide assortment of museums and palaces some of which are over 700 years old. The National Azulejo Tile Museum Lisbon being one of such that preserves and displays both contemporary and historical lisbon tiles.

Lisbon Tile Museum

Tile Museum Lisbon – National Azulejo Museum

The National Azulejo Tile Museum Lisbon is a heritage site with grandiose impressive architecture – no tiling – but nevertheless gaining an international reputation for its wide extensive collection and research on tiles both from Portugal and abroad. This popular collection makes takes about half a day to get through properly. The museum prides itself on the inventory and documentation system which is heralded as the best tile museum lisbon has to offer. 

One of the things I like most about Lisbon is the use of these beautiful tiles that feature on so many of the houses and palaces built in lisbon. There are books dedicated to the subject and a whole range of different designs all with their own story and historical context. We cannot possibly feature them all here but one of the more popular designs is the one featured below.

Lisbon Tiles

Lisbon Tiles

The museum is open between 10:00am hours and 18:00pm hours on all days except Monday. There is a parking facility, restaurant and cafeteria within the premises for your lunchtime snack-attack. This museum plays host to various exhibitions and activities throughout the year. Check the official website of National Azulejo Tile Museum Lisbon before preparing your visit!

Other Lisbon Museums:

If you liked the tile museum, lisbon has many other great places not to miss on your travels.

  • Calouste Gulbenkian Museum: A philanthropist, Calouste Gulbenkian with a collection of over 6000 relics from various continents, in a fantastic setting, is a great place to spend your day.
  • MUDE (Museu do Design e da Moda): The design and clothing museum should amaze both the fashion enthusiasts and regular tourists wondering what to do in Lisbon with its touch of luxury and counter-culture.
  • Museu do Fado: Fado music, if you are not aware, is the native Portuguese folk music and can still be heard live in many in many bars and cafés. The museum displays everything related to Fado music and the instrumentation behind it.
  • National Museum of Ancient Art: The entirety of ancient Portugal relics, furniture, ceramics, textiles, gold, and silverware can all be found in this museum. The oldest of the paintings date back up to 700 years.
  • If you have had your fill of the tile museum lisbon has many other attractions and interesting cultural events so please check out our full list of great things to do on your Lisbon visit!


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