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Oceanário de Lisboa | Lisbon Aquarium

April 21, 2019

A major attraction in Lisbon is the Oceanário de LisboaLisbon Aquarium a huge oceanarium where you can watch the inhabitants of the ocean close-up and personal. Situated in the newer part of town – Parque das Nações – Expo – this subterranean landscape is a treat for all the family!

Touted as the largest indoor aquarium in the whole of Europe, it is home to over 8000 different species of animal and plant life. Located in the old exhibition grounds of Parque das Nações, Oceanário de Lisboa is one of the bigger attractions for tourists and marine enthusiasts alike.

Oceanário de Lisboa was built in 1998 with the mission to promote marine conservation awareness to the public.The “Forests Underwater” themed Temporary exhibit is by Takashi Amano, who with his great aquascaping skills has created a mysterious underwater world to charm and enthral!

Visitors can even host birthday parties here. Small groups of children can have a sleepover with the Sharks if they are brave enough. As if this is not enough, there is also a special Concert for babies where parents can bring along their kids within the age of three. Sounds of the underwater are apparently very soothing sounds for babies!

To my eternal shame I have not yet made it inside the Oceanário de Lisboa, I found myself outside looking in, much like the guppy looking back, but could not face the queue. There was a special event being hosted whereby you could see an orchestra play underwater! I am not sure how these guys sounded or what the acoustics are like submerged in a tank of water but from all accounts I hear water is a good conductor!! It  looked amazing but was way too busy for me. I came to visit Lisbon, and this place, cool as it is, just ain’t it!

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