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Tag: beach near Lisbon

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  • Praia do Magoito

    VH72+HC São João das Lampas
    Just to the north of Sintra, close to the village of Magoito is the relatively quiet beach of Magoito (Praia…
  • Praia da Ursa

    QGR5+63 Colares
    Set on the Atlantic west coast just north of Cabo da Roca is a little gem of a beach -…
  • Praia do Abano

    PGRG+HX Alcabideche
    Situated just around the corner from Cascais' famous Guincho beach is the lovely intimate little cove of Praia do Abano.…
  • Praia da Cresmina

    PGGF+78 Cascais
    Cresmina beach (Praia da Cresmina) is located right next to the bigger, much better known Guincho beach - in fact it is…
  • Praia da Bafureira

    MJRM+XF Parede
    Praia da Bafureira is a little beach tucked away just around the headland from Praia de São Pedro do Estoril next…
  • Praia de Santa Marta

    MHRH+Q4 Cascais
    This cove with a small sandy beach is located just behind the Marina in Cascais at the western end of…
  • Praia do Pescador / Praia da Ribeira

    MHWJ+M3 Cascais
    Praia da Ribeira is the beach located closest to the square and old part of Cascais. Also known as Praia…
  • Praia da Rainha

    MHXJ+MP Cascais
    Located not far from the centre of the old part of Cascais is the little cove of Praia da Rainha. Literally translated as…
  • Praia de Duquesa

    PH2P+82 Cascais
    This popular beach gets its name from the Palace of the Dukes of Palmela (Palacio do Duque de Palmela) which…
  • Praia da Azarujinha

    PJ26+77 Estoril
    Praia da Azarujinha might be considered the first of the Estoril / Cascais "Riviera" beaches. Located in São João do Estoril this…
  • Praia da Torre

    MMGG+7R Oeiras
    Small, family-friendly beach offering scenic views & adjacent restaurants, shops & cafes.
  • Praia do Norte

    XH8J+V2 Ericeira
    Set below rugged cliffs, this sandy beach area is popular for water sports, picnics & sunbathing. To the north of…
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