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Ponte 25 de Abril | Lisbon Bridge

April 21, 2019

Ponte 25 de Abril ( 25th of April Bridge / Lisbon Bridge ) is a suspension bridge built to connect Lisbon city with the Almada district, that lies on the southern side of the river Tagus. Constructed in 1966 by the American Bridge Company, this bridge was formerly called as Ponte Salazar. However, in 1974, to commemorate the Carnation Revolution, this bridge was renamed as Ponte 25 de Abril.

The Ponte 25 de Abril is referred to as the Lisbon Golden Gate Bridge since the structure resembles the Golden Gate Bridge, situated in San Francisco, US. The 25 de Abril is also a suspension bridge painted with the same coloured paint.

With the bridge covering a distance of 2.27 km, it weighs in as the 32nd largest suspension bridge in the world. It has two decks. The upper deck has six car lanes while the lower floor possesses a double track electrified railway line.

It is a truly awe-inspiring structure once you get up close. I work and play down at LX factory which virtually rests underneath one of the massive support arches. I still marvel that we are able to build such structures and the drive over this bridge is even more impressive because of the view both going in or out of this great city!

Although people cannot walk on Ponte 25 de Abril, there is a yearly half-marathon conducted on the bridge for which millions come to participate. The recent addition to the Lisbon bridge is an observation deck allowing people to stand on a platform and get amazing views of the river and beyond.

lisbon bridge

I have had the pleasure of being chauffeured over this great structure by my wonderful girlfriend who will fully admit that she gets a little anxious behind the wheel. I have never experienced such wildly oscillating emotions as extreme fear and wonderment as they came in equal measure. Incredible view on a good day and opt for an soft-top if at all possible. 

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