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Queluz Palace | Lisbon Sightseeing

April 21, 2019

The National Palace and Gardens of Queluz is a must-see lisbon sightseeing attraction for your next visit if you like a bit of opulence surrounded by sprawling landscaped gardens. Located at Queluz, this masterpiece of an architectural splendour is a total treat. If you are wondering on what to do and don’t mind a little trip out of town then, heading out to Queluz and strolling through the lush greens of a palace campus will be a welcome move. Be advised that it is a day trip out of Lisbon to the enchanting fairy-tale world of Sintra. 

Queluz Palace

Queluz National Palace

The 18th-century palace borrows from the Baroque style, Neo-Classical themes, and a little French aesthetic thrown in for good measure! The palace’s former occupants were Queen Dom Maria I, her husband Dom Pedro III and their son, Jose. Legend has it that the Queen lost her mind after losing her husband and son subsequently shying away from the public for good. The king commissioned the construction of a palace during his lifetime. 

While the palace is a marvel from the outside, thanks to the manicured gardens, and the lawns and fountains adorning the greens, the interiors are equally mesmerising. In the Throne Room, you can see the polished silverware, gorgeous tapestries, and artwork on walls. The parlour area is complete with a mantelpiece, ornate chandeliers, and candelabra for added glitz! Check out the ceiling of Ambassador’s Room and give careful attention to the details across the painting.

Outside, you can take a potter about in the garden. The presence of lakes and fountains only serve to add to the beauty of the place. You can see the eighteenth-century art on display here in the gardens and in the Canal dos Azulejos which are the beautiful tiled gardens representing one of the best lisbon sightseeing attractions!

Queluz National Palace is open for the public between 9am and 7pm in summer, and 9am and 6pm in winter. There are different ticket rates for children and adults. The palace is quite accessible, and tourists with special needs can gain access with wheelchairs available for hire. I am due a visit there as soon as possible and will give you my personal feedback very soon, but in the meantime take a look at this beautiful aerial shot of the place for a sneak birds-eyes view! 

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