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Santa Justa Lift

April 21, 2019

The Santa Justa Lift is not just any old lift, it held its ground during the 1755 earthquake, making it one of the oldest working lifts of its type still running. It stands at 147 Ft (45m) tall and is built in the same style as architecture as the Eiffel Tower. 

The Santa Justa Lift is just perfect if you love lifts and are looking for things to do in Lisbon. It is an impressive structure but I have never dared the queue. Although I did overhear a guide telling some tourists how it is possible to beat the queue. Hmmm further investigation needed! 

During the days before the lift was constructed, travel and communication between upper and lower town was fine going down but a nightmare on the way back up. If you have ever walked from Rossio to Chiado you will know what I mean. Members of the Lisbon Directory team have been seen crawling back up after a night out in alfama!

To help ease this route the Santa Justa Lift also known as Elevador do Carmo, was opened for the public in 1902 as a quick method of transporting goods and people. It functioned well and someone, somewhere got a pay rise. 

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  • Lisbon Oceanarium is one of the biggest of its kind and a wonderful experience for all the family! 
  • Tram 28: This is another fun ride to experience, especially for children and people up for exploring the narrow streets of Lisbon. The tram takes you to St. George Castle through the old district of Alfama.
  • Lisbon Zoo: The 130-years old zoo has species from every part of the world. There is a cable car and a mini train if you want to cover the most ground in the shortest time.
  • Castelo de S. Jorge is Lisbon’s castle and grounds which is available to visit and is a major lisbon tourist attraction.

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