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Time Out Market | Tapas Lisbon | Lisbon Food

April 21, 2019

Take time out of your busy schedule to stop off at the Time Out Market for some tapas lisbon style and refreshments! Time Out Market is a large food hall in Lisbon featuring countless food and drink venues making it one of the best places to visit in Lisbon for food & drink! The market is located at Cais do Sodre and was opened in the year 2014. There are dozens of market stalls selling Portuguese specialties like the Azeitao sheep’s cheese, Cafe Aloma’s custard tarts, ham from Alentejo, chocolates, wines, sardines and everything else you can imagine.

The Market is located inside the iconic building, Mercado da Ribeira. This building was established in the year 1892 as a market space for vendors to sell their local and fresh produce of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and seafood. This landmark building was taken over by a publishing house called the Time Out Portugal to transform it into the present-day Time Out Market.

This place is a regular for the Lisbon Directory team and guests for the novelty factory and the wide-range of Portuguese Cuisine all under one roof. They also have a swanky cocktail bar at the top of the market which does a mean selection of mouth-watering refreshments. The only one I would be a little wary of is a cocktail which is made from 7 different tequilas. Unsurprisingly I cannot remember its name, but not only is it foul it also knocks your head off. I had one and that was nearly the end of me at 8pm.

The beer area in the centre selling craft beers is a bit of a joy and I recommend the weiss beer or IPA. Food wise, the world is your oyster. Fish restaurants and fine dining are available but be careful, I had a dodgy prawn here once and again was nearly out of action early doors. It is extremely popular and so don’t expect too much attention from staff. Most of them are overtired, overworked and probably underpaid so they have a finite amount of love to give. Not all of course, but pretty much all I have spoken too. Maybe it’s just me.

The popularity of the Time Out Market also means it can get a bit cramped and you will likely have to prowl the area looking for a seat – I suggest a pincer type maneuver with you and friend and prepare for it to get ugly. It is also expensive, markets these days are not quite what they used to be. With the advent of Spitalfields and others, the working class clientele and practice have been replaced with middle-class ideology and resulting price tags. No more wholesale slaughtering of animals, rather the gently fricasseed smell of your roasting dinheiro.

This is not completely fair because apparently the market has not completely forgotten its roots. While high-end restaurants provide scrumptious food in one section, on the other side the market still functions as a market and traders still sell their fresh produce at street prices. lubberly! I have to say, the food that I have had there has mostly been great, if you are not a fan of raw, exotic fish dishes then stay in the middle of the hall where you will find the majority of stalls sell delicious tapas lisbon style. Really rather good! 

Despite my bad rep, I love the Time Out Market and this iconic location has some fantastic gourmet experiences on offer and I always bring my friends here when they come to visit. Some of the best places to try out are the Garrafeira Nacional Wines, Cafe de Sao Bento steaks, Michelin star chef Henrique Sa Pessoas marvelous creations and Manteigaria Silvas cold cuts of meats. Visitors can indulge in an amazing gastronomical experience while being entertained by some exciting music and performances. 

Notable Time Out Market Eateries for Authentic Lisbon Food! 

  • Alexandre Silva – Portugal’s best, innovative, and celebrated chef.
  • Marisqueira Azul – It is one of the best seafood restaurants in Lisbon. Must visit for their well curated and fresh seafood.
  • Balcao da Esquina – This restaurant serves the best Portuguese snacks created by the popular chef Vitor Sobral.
  • Tartar-Ia – This kiosk serves lip-smacking fish, meat, and vegetarian tartares.
  • Bettina Corallo – Grab the famous artisanal and pure chocolates created by the Corallo family.
  • Nos e Mais Bolos – This is must visit for the desert lovers. Fresh cakes by the slice are served.
  • Taylor’s – This bar is for all the wine lovers. Taste the port wine from one of the oldest brands of Portugal.
  • Croqueteria – First and only dedicated croquette store for authentic tapas Lisbon style!

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